Hello world

Stacking Data in Google Sheets

Have you ever been working with a spreadsheet that had a bunch of values separated by commas, semicolons, pipes, or new lines in a single column? Something like this?

Recipient Goods
Michaelangelo Pizza, nunchucks, skateboard
Donatello DisplayPort cables, Redbull
Leonardo Kale, Seitan, courage
Raphael knives, punching bag, beef, roller skates …

Videos are Totally Different Arguments

I just completed a class on video editing on Tuesday, and I want to take a moment to reflect on how different the experience of trying to convey something with a video or film is from argumentation through writing. I don't want to spend much time re-treading the same ground …

Working with Timelines

Earlier today, I was catching up on some of my RSS feeds, and I read an article from Not Even Past on using timelines in college classrooms. The article (by Chris Babits) presents a strong case for the pedagogical goals served by creating a digital timeline assignment.

The case is …

Https Everywhere!

Today I switched my site from an HTTP (insecure) connection to an HTTPS (secure) connection, which means that your connection to this site is secured with strong encryption, so that your traffic to my site can't be read, even if it's intercepted by another party. For a static site like …

New site

This isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but I've moved my site from GitHub Pages to my own installation of Jekyll on a little server of my own. I'm using a little Digital Ocean Droplet, and so far I'm pretty excited. I'm joining modernity by using nginx instead …

High School Rankings in the US

Where are the best high schools in the US?

That's a question that occurred to me when I saw this ranking data from Niche on Facebook.

Niche uses a number of factors for its rankings, but one thing that I really wanted to see was if there were any concentrations …

"Hello World!"

I've moved my webspace from my own webspace to here, a GitHub pages... page? I've been using GitHub pages for work and I like working with Jekyll, so I figured now is as good a time as any to do some winter website cleaning. Over the next few weeks I'll …